CMCC – RX only

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Common-mode choke coils work as a simple wire against differential mode current (signal), while they work as an inductor against common-mode current (noise). This box is designed as a common-mode filter for RX system in order to minimize the noise catched from the coax line.


What about for :

  • Common-mode filter for coax line
  • Any devices with RF cable
  • Drastically reduces the noise picked up by the coaxial chield and the common mode currents circulated between the RX antenna feed point and the station.
  • Common-Mode Current insulator
    • High curren insulation
    • Coax impedance 50 Ohm
  • High quality PTFE coax cable
  • Low insert loss
  • Quality PTFE SO-239 (N connector on request).


Specification :

Power loading : *** RX Only  ***

Insertion Loss : from 0.04 dB up to 0.16 dB depending for bands

Common mode attenuation : *please see graphics

Dimension : 150x150x60 mm

Connectors : 2x SO-239 (N connector on request +100,00 kr)