Balun 4:1 – 3kW – N + CMCC filter

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A balun is an electrical device that converts between a balanced signal and an unbalanced signal.

Transformer baluns can also be used to connect lines of differing impedance. Sometimes, in the case of transformer baluns, they use magnetic coupling but need not do so. Common-mode chokes are also used as baluns and work by eliminating, rather than ignoring, common mode signals. This belun is designed for RF cable rating up to 3kW.

In this version we have also included in the same container a “Common Mode Choke” in order to cancel the currents received from the coaxial cable screen or from the negative part of the antenna, obtaining a clear improvement on the S/N ratio.
However, we always recommend an additional CMCC to be interposed on the cable before the station.


Specification :

Type : 4:1
Load power: 3 kW @ 50 Ohm adapted line
Dimensions: 150x150x60 mm
Insertion Loss : from 0.04 dB up to 0.16 dB depending for bands
Common mode attenuation : *please see graphics
Connector: SO-239