4x Sloper 30m with reflectors relays



Set of 4 Slopers for the 30m band to be installed along the (non-metallic) tower’ rods.
The system is tested for an angle of the tie rods around 30/35° with the lowest point at least 5m a.g.l..
Each sloper can slide along the tie rod so that it can be lowered in case of calibration or maintenance without the need to unplug the tie rod.
The kit includes the insulator from the top of the tower, 10m of rope sufficient to anchor it to the base of the bracing and the coaxial cable already connected to the various slopers for connection to a switching system (coaxial switch) not included.
This version includes, for each sloper, the addition of a VR-311 vacuum relay that allows you to short-circuit the two unused slopers by increasing the F/B ratio of the system.
The co-mutation takes place via a 24V power supply and can be carried out manually or implemented as automation to those coaxial switches that allow it (Ameritron for example).